Alternative to Ringtone Purchase

In past the only way to get custom ringtones on the phone was by purchasing them from your service provider. This method is still an option today. But its expensive. Now luckily, you can now create your own ringtones for free and load them onto the device. With this DIY method, you can turn any piece of audio into a ringtone-any part of your favorite songs or even audio from YouTube videos. If you want to do the latter, you can extract audio from any YouTube video using this tutorial

In any case, make sure that you have the audio files for the music you want to turn into ringtones.

Mac users can easily create ringtones for your iPhone using GarageBand. The process is simple and results in sending your ringtone directly to iTunes.Once your ringtone is in iTunes, simply sync your iPhone and then go to settings > sounds on the device to set a new tone. Windows users should use Ringtone Maker, as it allows you to turn full-length song into a 30-second M4A file, which is a proprietary file extension for iPhone ringtones Apple.

After you have created a ringtone, simply drag it to your iTunes library. iTunes will add it to the tones section by default which you can find in the left sidebar. On the iPhone tap Settings and Sounds to set a new ringtone. To create Android ringtone on Your Mac, you’ll use an MP3 You already own and cut it to a smaller clip of your choice. Follow these instructions, but when you’re ready to export the song, do not submit it to iTunes. Instead, select share and export song to disk and select the MP3 Format. Examine the disc and if you have not already, create a folder and name it.

Finally, drag and drop your custom MP3 in a new folder. To set a new ringtone, go to Settings sound and select it from the list.

Windows Ringtone using Ringtone Maker

To create your ringtone in Windows, use Fried Cookie Ringtone Maker. When you have created and saved your custom ringtone, connect Your phone to the computer and mount it. You can get and create ringtones directly from Your Android phone using an app like this one.

Want to set your own ringtone for iPhone?


Although it is quite possible for the iPhone, Apple is, of course, did not make it an easy process. Fortunately, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that will make Your experience completely stress-free. For the relief of iPhone users worldwide, many third-party iTunes alternative appeared around the frustrating limitations of Apple. First get a ringtone from here